Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tot School: Easter

Monkey 33 Months
Baby Red 13 Months
Theme: Easter
Tot School

Well, I am really late getting this post up but we did SO much stuff during the week of Easter it has taken me this long to recover and post it all... LOL :)

Baby Red making a cute little hand print lamb. The "wool" was made with hole reinforcement rings and we found the idea on Pinterest from JDaniel4's Mom.

 The finished product! So cute!

 Using the pincer grasp to place Easter erasers into an empty egg carton. Baby Red loved this activity!

Identifying letters that were hidden inside Easter eggs. She did pretty well with this activity. I tried to include a mix of letters that we had recently worked on and a few that I knew she could identify easily. I adapted this idea from Modern Parents Messy Kids.

 Monkey working on counting skills by placing "eggs" (buttons) into the Easter Baskets. This activity came from Oopsey Daisy.

We made a nest out of Mega bloks and our bird is sitting on a bunch of Easter eggs! Monkey thought this was hilarious! This was another Oopsey Daisy inspired activity.


Playing a game with some bunny movement activity cards that also came in the Oopsey Daisy pack. She loved wiggling her nose and such and asked to play this game several times.

Monkey doing some work on an Easter Blessing Preschool pack from Mama's Monkeys. She is circling the smallest item in each box and was easily able to complete this activity by herself.

Counting puzzle from the same pack.

Carrying an Easter egg on a spoon... Monkey thought she was going to drop it but made it the whole way!

Counting practice using the chicks from our Easter Sensory bin and a chicken numbers printable from Lawteedah.

More work from the same Easter Tot kit. She is gluing flowers to the matching color word.

Cute bunny hat! She wore it all morning long!

Baby Red sporting her bunny hat that did not last long before she ripped it to shreds!

 Bunny Hand print art that we found from Mom to 2 Posh Little Divas.

 Making chocolate bunnies, flowers, and eggs using some homemade chocolate playdough.

Eating a fun Easter Egg lunch. Monkey was so surprised to find her lunch tucked inside an egg carton and Easter eggs! This fun idea came from Gluesticks!

 Baby Red thought it was pretty neat too.

 Making a Scratch art Easter Egg. You can find the directions for this project on Toddler Approved.

We spent lots of time reading in the Bible this week and talking about the sacrifice Jesus made for us.

We used some Resurrection eggs that I picked up on sale at Hobby Lobby and Monkey couldn't hardly wait each day to talk about what was in each egg.

We did a few of the printables from 2 Teaching Mommies that went along with the Resurrection eggs.

Making the crown of thorns using play dough and toothpicks.

Drinking grape juice and eating bread... Monkey wanted to do this every day :)

 The Last Supper Craft from Catholic Icing.

Our Resurrection Garden... It turned out really nice and it was made entirely from things I scavenged from our yard. It stayed nice a green all week long.

Monkey washing a rock in the water table that we found while on an Easter Rock hunt. This idea was a totally impromptu one that Monkey asked to do after seeing it on Sid the Science Kid.

Painting her Easter rock once it had dried.

Baby Red whipping up some chicken and alphabet soup one evening while I was cooking dinner.

 Bunny pancake I made the girls for breakfast one morning.

 Counting Easter Candy.

Graphing Jelly Beans... I think this was from the Oopsey Daisy pack. Here is another link for a Jelly bean Graph as well.

Baby Red's first adventure with real paint and a brush! She loved it and did such a good job! She kept asking for me to get different colors on her brush. She is very good for her age with all things that are fine motor except she is still in the "everything goes in the mouth" stage so I have to watch closely and limit the types of activities that she can do.

The finished product was a Cross. I used painter's tape for this activity.

  A Peeps S'mores snack.

 Baby Red's face after a Peeps S'mores snack!

Baby Red playing a color match game that came from the Oopsey Daisy Easter Pack. She is just really eating jelly beans and I am naming the colors for her but Monkey was able to play the game easily :)

 Matching stickers and Easter Eggs.

Painting an egg using porcupine balls!

Playing the Magic Easter Egg rhyming game. I was so proud that Monkey was able to figure out the rhyme for the color yellow! This also came from Oopsey Daisy.

  Rolling the die and bunny hopping the amount we landed on.

 Easter Egg collage work inspired from Gummy Lumps.

Making Resurrection rolls! They were so yummy but Monkey did not quite get the real meaning of these yet.

 Frozen Easter Eggs in the water table.

We used salt and water mixed with food coloring while playing with them. This idea came from A Little Learning For Two.

My pretty girl and Mommy's Favorite photo of the week.

Believe it or not we actually did a bunch more stuff but this is all I managed to get on camera. The girls both had so much fun but Mommy was worn out from all the activity!


  1. popping over from tot school, wow what a lot of lovely things you all did for Easter.

  2. where did you find those little chicks for the counting? You said they were also from your sensory bin. Just found your site while googling ideas for easter. Love it! Thanks for some great ideas!


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