Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Filling in the Gaps...

 This blog became a thing of serious neglect the day we decided we were going to sell our house.

In the Fall of 2012 we began finishing up some long drawn out projects and did some sprucing up of our cute little house to get it ready to put on the market.  We listed it at almost exactly this time last year and after two weeks of me FREAKING out trying to keep the house spotlessly clean while chasing around a young three year old and an 18 month old toddler we got an offer and sold our home of 7.5 years. It was bittersweet. We had lots of great memories in that little house, some unpleasant ones, and both our sweet little girls had come home from the hospital to that house.

Then, pure chaos ensued! We moved into a tiny two bedroom apartment and spent the 2012 holiday season in that tiny, tiny place. The girls shared a room and no one and I repeat no one got ANY sleep during this period of time. Both girls were SO used to a very strict routine and sleeping in their own rooms... so moving and sharing a room was a bit much for their sweet little hearts. It was a wild, crazy time of which I only remember bits and pieces of because I must have purposely blocked out some of the monkey business that occured to keep my sanity;)

We drove around and around and around looking at houses until we found a winner and the transition into our new house was MUCH smoother than that of the exit of our old house. The girls were glad to have their own rooms again(their parents were even more happy!) and sleep soon followed after we managed to get all of our belongings that had been literally scattered to the four corners of the Earth retrieved and put back in their rightful places! I mean seriously... we had a storage unit, a POD, an apartment, and other miscellaneous things stashed at various friends' houses. It was ridiculous!

All during this whole moving business we suffered from several bouts of illness and my health was really starting to deteriorate. I sort of went on this alternative health journey by visiting lots of different kinds of Doctors, doing lots of different tests, and trying lots of new things. The conclusion to this soul search was that I needed to remove all Soy, Sugar, and Gluten from my diet. I removed those things and added in some various supplements and came out feeling like a whole new person! I lost another 20 lbs. (I still have more to go) and am feeling the best health wise that I have felt in years and years and years! I have stuck to my guns and stayed Gluten and Soy free for about 6 months now but the sugar has slowly crept its way back into my diet and I will be writing more about my plans to deal with this later!.

Also, during this past year we made the decision to officially start homeschooling my oldest child for Pre-Kindergarten. I had grand plans last year to post the things I was doing with Monkey for Preschool but we honestly just moved to survival mode with all the moving and health issues that were going on. I really do wish that I could have followed through with all the plans I had laid out for her last year but looking back she learned a whole new skill set:)

I must confess that moving with toddlers and going on a crazy health journey was just not enough... So, I had to go and become a Socialite. In all seriousness, it was not a planned thing it just kind of happened. I went from a lonely stay at home Mommy who only had her blog and cyberspace as a friend to having my schedule booked solid every week with play dates and excursions with Mommy friends and their kiddos. Last year, the girls and I simply did not have time for a formalized Preschool because we were just too busy having fun!

So, that is a very simplified version of what has been going on since I last checked in with you all. Can't wait to hear from some of my old friends:)

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  1. Moving is always a huge thing - especially with young children! I hope you are all settled in your new home!

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